An Efficient Combination Of Hands-On & Automated Fulfillment That Finishes Your Job Right.

At the end of your job with Raff Printing, you’ll find everything you need to finish and fulfill a printing project – from kit building, gluing, assembling and collating to addressing, sorting and assembling for mailing and distribution.

Print Packaging & Fulfillment Services

Raff Printing Believes Outstanding Fulfillment Is An Essential Part Of A High Quality Project.

Raff Printing treats fulfillment as critically important as every other aspect of a print job. Whether its folding and building thousands of dimensional promotions by hand, preparing trade show materials, or readying 100,000+ mailers for regional or national distribution and mailing, our promise is from start-to-finish value. Efficient, cost-effective fulfillment is how we deliver on that promise.

With over 25,000 feet of warehouse space, over a dozen designated full-time fulfillment employees and advanced automated integration with our shipping department and mailing services, Raff Printing provides high-quality fulfillment services all from a single point of contact – saving time, money and hassle when a job comes to a close.

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Print Packaging & Fulfillment Services

Putting It Together Through Automation, Or By Hand, At Raff Printing

There’s no substitute for hands-on attention to special kits or builds, and no substitute for experienced fulfillment know-how.

  • Kitting, Gluing & Assembling By Hand
  • Automated Collating, Sorting & Distribution
  • Display Assembly, Inserting & Hand Collating Available
  • Trade Show, Mailers, Communications Packets & More

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Shipping & Mailing Customer Support FAQs

What shipping services does Raff offer?

Drop shipping, batch shipping, all classes of United States Postal Service (USPS), FedEx, UPS.

Can Raff provide batch shipping for multiple locations?

Absolutely. It’s one of the advantages of working with a full-service printer that offers equally robust full-service direct mail and distribution. We can seamlessly batch and ship packages from our Pittsburgh location if you need specific packages for multiple locations.

How fast can Raff get my order to me once production is complete?

This is a question that begins with the end result in mind—in other words, the answer depends upon when you need to have the product(s) in the hands of your customer or end user. Knowing that date drives the entire production process—not just the shipping or distribution of that product.   

That being said, we have access to (and integrate with) the same type of shipping you are familiar with—including next-day, two and three-day, ground, air, and more across all the services mentioned above within the United States and North America.

What’s more, we can deliver in person the same day within a reasonable local radius of approximately 150 miles depending upon the order size.

Can Raff provide mailing services for my print project?

Absolutely. We offer full-service mailing and fulfillment, indicia/permit and postage across all USPS classes, drop shipping, batch shipping, and complete FedEx and UPS services. Postage as a cost is a pass-through service at Raff—while billed as a separate line item above and beyond your print project, we do not mark up postage costs.

What types of mailing are offered?

See the previous question and answer. And remember that Raff has mailing capabilities comparable to any company specifically designed for direct mail operations.

Can my organization’s postage account be used for shipping costs?

Yes. Be sure to verify your permit (indicia) information is current and that you have allocated funds in your account to sufficiently cover the cost of your mailing project.

Can Raff combine my print materials prior to mailing?

While the word “fulfillment” is often used interchangeably with types of mailing or distribution, Raff Printing defines fulfillment as any project that requires it to be touched by human hands in order to be completed.

If your multi-page project, special kit or dimensional mailer requires hand stuffing, unique folding or additional preparation that cannot be done automatically by machine, Raff can scale up to large-run hand-executed fulfillment rapidly. And we have decades of experience doing so!

How can we put our remarkable variety of printing presses and experience to work for you?

Contact Raff today to start printing faster, better, easier and more cost effective!

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47 years at Raff. 41 years at Raff. 33 years at Raff... Our people are our heart!

Many Have Been With Raff Printing So Long, We Really Are A Family.

Ron Loreski, Jr.  - Jet Press/Envelope Operator
Ron Loreski, Jr.
Jet Press/Envelope Operator
Years With Raff: 34

"We key on quality. We don’t want garbage going out of the building. You want a product? We’re going to give you that product and then some. We’re into our job—that’s why we’ve been here so long."

Jason Stoker - Shipping Supervisor
Jason Stoker
Shipping Supervisor
Years With Raff: Since Highschool

"I’ve worked here all my life. I knew some people that got me in the door. I started in the bindery shrink-wrapping… now I handle all the UPS, FEDEX, freight shipments and driver coordination."

Image of Harry Bard - Production Manager at Raff Printing
Harry Bard
Production Manager
Years With Raff: 38

Our guys seriously take pride in their work. They want everyone to have an excellent finished product. People stay here for a reason—me? I enjoy work, it’s close to home, and Raff treats me well. What’s not to love?

Dan Butler - Indigo Digital Press Operator
Dan Butler
Indigo Digital Press Operator
Years With Raff: 31

"I know how hard I work, and I see how hard my friends work, and I believe…we’ll put our workmanship up against anybody. Not just in the city or the state or the country, but on the whole planet.”

Ron Loreski, III - Variable Data/Mail Operator
Ron Loreski, III
Variable Data/Mail Operator
Years With Raff: 10

"My dad brought me in after high school and I’ve been here ever since. It’s like a family, really. I’ve been here 10 years and I’m probably the third newest employee! People stick together here."

Tim Hackel - Mail Operator
Tim Hackel
Mail Operator
Years With Raff: 15

"We’re full service. Really. If you come in with a mail piece, print, bind, address and mail, all in house. It all gets done. Done right. Right here.”

Image of Keith Wank - Warehouse Manager at Raff Printing
Keith Wank
Warehouse Manager + More
Years With Raff: 32

I’ve been at Raff Printing for 32+ years. It has been a long and interesting journey — it’s more like working with family rather than fellow employees. I think ultimately that’s the Raff secret.

Mike Stull - Prepress Supervisor
Mike Stull
Prepress Supervisor
Years With Raff: 20

"Everything that comes in? We treat it as if it’s our most important job. We pay attention to make sure it gets done right. We call out file problems to clients and agencies because we care if it looks good."

Image of Josh Ziegler - Bindery Specialist at Raff Printing
Josh Ziegler
Bindery Specialist
Years With Raff: 4

I enjoy working here with the people I work with every day. We’ve got father-and-son teams working here and there, including our ownership. That says something about a place. Raff is just a nice company to work for.