Company Numbers That Mean A Different Kind Of Business Entirely.

12 years. 19 years. 33 years. 41 years. 47 years. It’s these kind of numbers that keep customers coming back to Raff Printing. These are the lengths of time some of our employees have been working here—honing their craft, adopting new print technology, and passing along what they know.

Many times, our employees have passed their knowledge to their own children and friends, who have joined them here as part of the Raff Family. We’ve been home to fathers and sons, extended families, Army buddies and kids from the neighborhood who grew to adulthood within these walls.   

Raff Printing Leadership

Leadership Built On Family Values.

There’s always been an Aheimer at the helm of Raff Printing – Fred C. and Fred E. are the son and grandson of the founder. Maybe that’s why so many friends of the family have become such longtime Raff Printing employees. Learn more about our history here.

From left to right: Ron Yeckel, Fred C. Aheimer Sr., Denise Lucas, Fred E. Aheimer Jr. Not included in photo: Debra Aheimer & Kym Yeckel

Raff Printing Sales & Customer Service Representatives

Customer Support That’s Been Here To Stay.

Ours has always been a hands-on, high-touch business. Even as we adopt lightning speed technology, there really is no substitute for having an experienced rep who knows the printing business – and your business – personally. Talk to an experienced rep now.

Raff Printing Production Management

Longevity Means No Surprises.

There are people on our print production floor today who’ve been with us since the 1970’s. There are few surprises that our team hasn’t faced over the last 65 years. Learn more about our capabilities here.

So no matter what department you’re in at Raff Printing, you’ll find experienced people, fathers and sons, friends and family. From Pre Press to Variable Data, the Front Office to the Bindery, from Fulfillment to the Warehouse to everywhere in between – we remain AT YOUR FULL SERVICE.

Just like we have been since 1951.

47 years at Raff. 41 years at Raff. 33 years at Raff... Our people are our heart!

Many Have Been With Raff Printing So Long, We Really Are A Family.

Dan Butler - Indigo Digital Press Operator
Dan Butler
Indigo Digital Press Operator
Years With Raff: 31

"I know how hard I work, and I see how hard my friends work, and I believe…we’ll put our workmanship up against anybody. Not just in the city or the state or the country, but on the whole planet.”

Mike Bradburn - Customer Service Representative
Mike Bradburn
Customer Service Representative
Years With Raff: 37

"People really appreciate that you go the extra mile for them when they expect a job quickly… and you get it done fast. And right. They like that. And they become repeat customers."

Ron Loreski, Jr.  - Jet Press/Envelope Operator
Ron Loreski, Jr.
Jet Press/Envelope Operator
Years With Raff: 34

"We key on quality. We don’t want garbage going out of the building. You want a product? We’re going to give you that product and then some. We’re into our job—that’s why we’ve been here so long."

Ron Loreski, III - Variable Data/Mail Operator
Ron Loreski, III
Variable Data/Mail Operator
Years With Raff: 10

"My dad brought me in after high school and I’ve been here ever since. It’s like a family, really. I’ve been here 10 years and I’m probably the third newest employee! People stick together here."

Dale Hackel - Press Operator
Dale Hackel
Press Operator
Years With Raff: 19

"I know I don’t mind coming to work every day—and I’ve been doing this 19 years. A lot of jobs I hated getting out of bed in the morning for. That’s not the case here. And that’s the truth."

Mike Stull - Prepress Supervisor
Mike Stull
Prepress Supervisor
Years With Raff: 20

"Everything that comes in? We treat it as if it’s our most important job. We pay attention to make sure it gets done right. We call out file problems to clients and agencies because we care if it looks good."

Jason Stoker - Shipping Supervisor
Jason Stoker
Shipping Supervisor
Years With Raff: Since Highschool

"I’ve worked here all my life. I knew some people that got me in the door. I started in the bindery shrink-wrapping… now I handle all the UPS, FEDEX, freight shipments and driver coordination."

Tim Konesky - Shop Supervisor
Tim Konesky
Shop Supervisor
Years With Raff: 33

"A smaller company treats people better. And we turn our jobs around faster than most. Something other companies say they can’t do, Raff can do."

Jack Rees - Shop Coordinator
Jack Rees
Shop Coordinator
Years With Raff: 41

"I supervise all shop operations – make sure everything’s running well and delivering on time. We get the job done well and we get the job done right, 100 percent of the time."

Fred Aheimer Jr. - Owner & Vice President
Fred Aheimer Jr.
Owner & Vice President
Years With Raff: Since Childhood

"We’ve always been a family-run company. People feel comfortable here. That’s why our employees stay here for years. For decades. They’ve always felt like they are part of the family."

Tim Hackel - Mail Operator
Tim Hackel
Mail Operator
Years With Raff: 15

"We’re full service. Really. If you come in with a mail piece, print, bind, address and mail, all in house. It all gets done. Done right. Right here.”

Glen Kerr - Shop Foreman
Glen Kerr
Shop Foreman
Years With Raff: 47

"You bring it here, you need it right away? We try to get it right away for you. Top corporations come here because they like what we do."